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Raccoons have now started giving birth to their young in the Greater Toronto Area. A female Raccoon seeks warm shelter to give birth to her cubs. Once shelter is established, a litter of 3-4 Raccoon cubs are born(average for Toronto). It will be about 10 weeks before the young Cubs venture outsid...

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To remove a Raccoon from a attic is not as easy as you might think. Most homeowners make the mistake of closing off an entry point thinking the Raccoon is gone. Homeowners quickly notice their error once the Raccoon is keeping them up all night trying to get out of the roof. The majority of Racco...

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$45 off our Animal Removal Toronto Services

Jan 1, 2019 – Jan 31, 2019

"Animal Removal Toronto 3 Best Rated Award 2018"
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Wildlife may be ugly for some people but nothing is more ugly then Wildlife sheltering themselves on your property. Cold weather is a calling card for Wildlife to seek a warm shelter for the Winter months. Our homes and businesses are the prime interest for Wildlife to seek warm shelter.
Sure si...

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Our Squirrel removal Toronto services has reached an all time high this year. Squirrel removal services in Toronto had a big task with Squirrels this year. Squirrels had a population boom this year as well as a few other wild animals. If we have another mild Winter, we can expect to have even mor...

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Fast & Effective Raccoon Removal

Oct 29, 2018 – Mar 31, 2019

Need Wildlife Removal Services?

Wildlife removal is something professionals should always look after. Raccoon removal for example can bring major damage to your home when done wrong, let alone doing a Squirrel removal from an attic. Most of all, locking any animal in anywhere will be the cause o...

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Skunk Removal Services

Aug 27, 2018 – Mar 27, 2019

Skunk removal services are extremely busy this year. Now with Skunk baby season over, a lot more of these fuzzy black and white stinkers are running around. Skunks att 10-12 weeks of age now can spray.
Most Skunks will not spray unless freightened or provoked. Skunks are nocturnal mammals that r...

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Squirrel removal from your home should be done by professionals. Twice a year Squirrels seek shelter to give birth to their young. Squirrels will usually nest in large tree's, however, a mother Squirrel will seek a protective shelter over a treehouse.
Once a Squirrel has set up shelter inside of...

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Pest Control & Pest Removal Specialists

Jul 13, 2018 – Jun 2, 2019

Pest removal Toronto is fast becoming a major problem. Pest control methods that use poisons can not eliminate the Rat issue.
Recently the government has stopped its poison baiting of Rat breeding grounds. A single Rat has a normal litter of 6-8 but can have up to 18 young per litter.
Poison ba...

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Wildlife removal specialist for fast and effective results. Raccoon removal & Squirrel removal are our main services but we offer much more.

  • Raccoon removal from your home & business is our expertise. All the Raccoon control methods we use are 100% humane and poison free.

    Our Raccoon removal service is mainly for customers in search of Raccoon removal from a house. The use of a one way door is the most effective way of removal. Closure of the entry point as well as roof repairs are provided by us. Our Google reviews say how good our Raccoon control methods are that we don't have to feed you a line like other Wildlife services in the GTA, Peel, York and Durham regions. Our work comes with a 3-5 year guarantee on our Raccoon removal from your roof or underneath your deck. Give us a call today so we may provide you with our awesome services.
  • Squirrel removal from homes and businesses in Toronto are our speciality!

    Squirrel removal from your house is a walk in the park for us. Our services are always done 100% humanely at Sande Wildlife Control. No poisons are ever used in our Animal removal services in which we provide. Once the Squirrel entry point is secured with a one way door, no Squirrels ever get back inside your house. In the two seasons Squirrels give birth to youngsters, we provide humane removal of the Squirrel babies as well. Our work comes with a three year guarantee so there's no need to worry about the Squirrels getting back through our work. A Squirrel in a chimney, house or roof we have you covered. Give us a call today so we can fully explain our awesome services to you.
  • Wildlife removal services are many, but only a few are as good as we are

    Our basic service fee for our wildlife removal services is $295 in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide wildlife removal from your home or business with effective results. Our Wildlife control services cover Raccoons, Squirrels, Skunks, Bats, Birds and Wasp nest removal. Our Wildlife specialists are always humane in the removal of all Wildlife . Wildlife removal from your roof or from under a deck we have it mastered. Wildlife removal reviews speak highly of our services, so give us a call today. We are the "GTA'S Wildlife Eviction Specialists" for now and always. Sande Wildlife Control should always be your first choice for Wildlife control.
  • Skunk removal from under decks or sheds are no problem for us!

    Skunk removal from your property can be done effectively. Once a Skunk has set up home on your property, usually under a shed or addition of a house, our skilled Wildlife control technicians can quickly have it removed and secured from future Skunks. It is always best to secure Skunk dens then it is to trap and relocate them, as once the problem area is secured, a 5 year guarantee keeps them from making it their home again. Call our Wildlife specialists today so we can make the stink go away.


a month ago
Had what I thought was a dead possum removed (turns out it was a large rat!), and the challenge was that it was under a deck and really hard to access. So I needed someone who could come, remove part of the deck to remove the animal, then replace it. Sande gave a quick and clear quote, was able to come the same day. Price was in line or better than other places I called. The work was fast and great - no damage to the deck at all! Removed a board and replaced it without issue. Afterwards, he was also able to clearly explain what he thought was going on, and we discussed potential ways of proofing it to prevent it happening again (at my request). I thought our discussion was honest and straightforward. Overall, very happy with this service and would definitely recommend them.
- Alan V
a week ago
Sande was focused and diligent in his work. Responsive, knowledgable, and reliable. Met a high standard of professionalism. Thanks for your help!
- Ali G
2 months ago
We had squirrels living under our roof. Sande responded quickly and set up an apparatus so the squirrels could easily escape. They were gone within 24 hours. Sande is very knowledgable and we are grateful for his help.

"GTA'S Wildlife Eviction Specialists!"

Raccoon removal & Squirrel removal are our speciality but we are Wildlife removal specialists. We use humane methods to extract Wildlife from your home or business. Skunk removal, Bat removal, Bird nest removal, Opossum removal and many other small animals we provide removal services for. 
Our full property inspection of your home has a proven success to our services. With decades of experience to back us up we always get the job done.
AAA Sande Wildlife Control mainly gets wildlife out of customers homes but we also look after the commercial/industrial sector as well.
If you wish to know all our company details please free to visit our website at
Or call us directly at 416-902-6249

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